Good Samaritan Rescues Heartbroken Pup Mercilessly Chained To A Lamppost

Good Samaritan Rescues Heartbroken Pup Mercilessly Chained To A Lamppost

When Graham Dobson first found a frightened boxer pup tethered to a Hull, United Kingdom roadside all alone, he was horrified. There was no water or food in sight. Dobson brought something to eat and drink to the pup and decided to wait there until the pup’s family returned.

A picture was taken of the pup, and the sad sight soon went viral on social media. This was back in April. Everyone was shocked that a person could so heartlessly leave a dog behind like that. He was visibly nervous and just wanted his people to return to him.

But no one came, so Dobson had to call animal control – known as dog wardens in the UK – to come and get the pup. It really broke his heart, as the pup was very friendly despite being so scared. It wasn’t long after that the pup’s parent came back to the scene, just at the time that the wardens came to collect the pup.

This man revealed that the dog’s name was Max and that he could no longer properly care for him. As such, Max was handed to the wardens regardless. The next step was to get Max checked up at a vet’s office, and thankfully, he was completely healthy. This makes it even more difficult to comprehend why someone wanted to give him up like that.

Hull City Council

Max was soon taken in by the Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue, where he was safe and sound at last. No longer would he be left out alone on the road! Hopefully, he will soon find a forever home.

Feature Image Source: Graham Dobson

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