Groomer Helps Matted Dog She Saw On Her Facebook Feed

Groomer Helps Matted Dog She Saw On Her Facebook Feed

A dog groomer, Whitney Samuels, was going through her Facebook feed when something caught her attention – a photo of a matted dog. Someone had seen the dog by their property, taken her in, and was hoping to find someone to help her.

Samuels said she couldn’t turn a blind eye to the post, so she decided to do something about it, driving 45 minutes to pick the dog up. On meeting the dog, later named Lucy, she realized she had been through a lot and was blind and deaf. All she could think of was how to help the poor old dog.

Samuels knew Lucy wasn’t comfortable with her matted fur, so she took her to her grooming setup and got to work right away.

Samuels described the grooming process as emotional as she worked quickly but gently to get it done so Lucy would be free from all the matted fur.

All through the grooming process, Lucy was sweet to her.

After the grooming, Samuels took Lucy home, and she slept for hours. When she finally woke up, she was cuddly, thankful that she didn’t have to carry all that extra weight anymore.

Lucy is now staying with a new foster family who loves and cares for her. She is doing well, happier now, and well-groomed.

Image Credit: Whitney Samuels

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