What Happens When You Go To Work And Leave Your Pups All Alone?

What Happens When You Go To Work And Leave Your Pups All Alone?

When a pup Mommy or Daddy comes home, they always see their pups absolutely ecstatic to greet them, as though the fur balls have missed their parents so much!

This raises a question, though – what do our fur balls do when they’re left alone at home? Do they get sad, or up to mischief? These pup parents have decided to find out!

With the aid of hidden cameras, they recorded what their pup does when they leave the house. And what happens is truly heartbreaking! First, the pup just pulls down his lead from the shelf, which seems nice and normal, but then the pup starts howling and barking like crazy. It’s almost like he’s in anguish, and it reduces Mommy to tears.

The next pair of pup parents does the same, and finds that their pup cries and whines when his parents leave. He then clambers onto the sofa to stare out into the distance through the window. He then proceeds to howl, too, just like the pup before him! We then see many more videos of a similar situation, and it’s really heartbreaking to watch. These pups miss their parents so much! Unfortunately, this tends to make them act out, and some exhibit very negative behaviors.

It’s important to work on ways to help your pup feel better about being left alone. Fur balls are primarily pack animals, and they can’t stand being left all to themselves! Dealing with the separation anxiety your pup faces and correcting bad behavior is hard, but not impossible; check out our article on that here to learn more. Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: Hoy Zeyn

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