Have You Ever Wondered Why Dogs Bark At Strangers?

Depending on what type of dog we have, sometimes we find ourselves having to restrain our precious pup when the poor food delivery guy arrives at the gate.

With our four-legged friend ready to pounce the man, we politely explain that he just does not know people very well. But do we really understand why it seems like our esteemed hound wants the delivery guy for dinner? According to research, there can be multiple reasons and various scenarios that come into play with regard to these actions.

A common reason is the protection of territory. Some breeds of dogs can be very protective of their living space and do not like others coming in. Territorial reactions can turn your calm canine into a vicious beast in a matter of seconds. Although we as humans do not have this extreme territorial response, we should understand that to some dogs it is simply an instinctive response and they are not just misbehaving.

A second reason for barking is what we call “alarm barking”. This is more common in dogs that are not particularly socialized, and it is simply a response to not recognizing a stranger. The difference between an alarm bark and territorial bark is that an alarm bark is a response your dog gives even when out of their home. The third and final type of bark is simply a greeting bark. Some of our dogs just get so excited to greet somebody that they cannot help themselves to a vocal display of affection.

Certain breeds are more inclined to barking then others, so if you are wondering what is triggering your beloved dog’s constant barking, you should probably do some reading on your breed or speak to your local vet. It may just be a case of “all bark and no bite!”

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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