Heartbroken Pup Abandoned In A Cage Couldn't Believe She Was Being Rescued

Heartbroken Pup Abandoned In A Cage Couldn't Believe She Was Being Rescued

People driving through Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, were shocked when they spotted a poor pup trapped inside a cage, all alone and half-hidden along the edge of a wooded area.

He quickly reached up to local police, who hurried to the scene to find the very frightened dog, confused and longing for some love.

The police officers could tell that the pup was in need of some TLC. When they saw how sweetly she responded to seeing so many people around her, they decided to open the cage and let her out. She hurried out of her small prison and her entire demeanor immediately changed. She was suddenly all smiles, jumping around excitedly and clearly very grateful.

The park was brought to a nearby shelter, where she was scanned for a microchip and found to not have one. Staff estimated that she was around 2 years old, and likely a shepherd mix. She had likely been intentionally abandoned and dumped at the side of the road, a truly horrifying idea to staff, who couldn’t imagine anyone having the heart to leave behind such a sweet dog.

Lucky, once the story of this pup’s rescue got out, adoption applications began pouring in. It likely won’t be very long before she is adopted into a forever loving home. In the meantime, animal lovers across the country are demanding justice for the poor pup and are hoping that the police will be able to catch the culprits behind her dumping.

The police are currently hard at work, attempting to figure out who so cruelly left this pup to her fate. If you happen to have any relevant information about this incident, you can contact the police department in question through their Facebook page here.

Feature Image Source: Facebook/Politie Nieuwegein

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