Heartbroken Pup With A Plastic Bag Tied Around Her Neck Gets A Second Chance To Life

Heartbroken Pup With A Plastic Bag Tied Around Her Neck Gets A Second Chance To Life

Brittany Sallinger, who sometimes works at Virginia Beach’s Fur-Ever Home Rescue, was surprised one late September morning when she woke up to her fiancé telling her to come outside.

Still in her pajamas, Sallinger bent down and took a peek underneath their Jeep, and what she saw shocked her. Beneath the vehicle was a little pit bull puppy. She was extremely thin, covered in motor oil, and completely dirty – and also trembling in every limb.

It took some coaxing with treats before the puppy dared to come out to them. When Sallinger saw the puppy up close, she realized that the remains of what seemed like a yellow plastic shopping bag were around the pup’s neck. That meant she may have been placed into a bag before and restrained inside it by having the handles wrapped around her neck.

Sallinger and her husband gave the puppy a total of six baths to free her from all the grease and removed the bag remains from her. Then, they called up Kelly Martin, who is Fur-Ever Home Rescue’s president. Martin arrived to pick the puppy up and was so shocked by how small she was that she gave her the affectionate nickname Itty Bitty Pittie.

The puppy was taken to the vet, where it was found that he was four months old, infected with worms, and very underweight. Thankfully, these were the only issues. The puppy was happy to eat as much as she could, but she was very nervous around people. A week in, her personality began to show, and she realized humans gave her good things.

The Itty Bitty Pittie was then moved into a foster home. She follows her temporary Mom everywhere and desires a bond with someone special. When she reaches a healthy weight, this Itty Bitty Pittie will be ready to move into a new forever home!

Images & Feature Image Source: Fur-Ever Home Rescue

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