Here Are 5 Things Dog Trainers Wish You Knew

Here Are 5 Things Dog Trainers Wish You Knew

Professional dog trainers have a rewarding, but difficult job! Sending your pup for training sessions can be helpful in improving their behaviors and habits, and it can really improve your life as well as your pup’s.

But there are some things that dog owners do that give dog trainers a hard time! Here are five things dog owners do that drive dog trainers up the wall.

1. Taking Internet advice too seriously

With all the information available at one’s fingertips with a single Google search, and with everyone sharing opinions and experiences on Facebook, some pup owners think that they know what’s best for their pups in terms of training them. But the truth is that there are countless methods with which to train a pup, and each trainer may have their own unique style. Their years of experience is much more accurate than a Google search!

2. Expecting miracles

It takes way more than one lesson for a pup to unlearn a habit and learn a new behavior. So it’s unreasonable to expect that one 30-minute session is going to vastly improve how your pup acts; training is a process!

3. Neglecting practice

Training isn’t a one-time event – it’s something you will be doing with your pup for the rest of their lives. If you don’t practice what your pup has learned from training classes, then he might forget or simply decide that it isn’t important. You also shouldn’t let your pup get away with falling back into the same old bad habits!

4. Not being with your pup

It isn’t just pups who need to learn how to behave. Their parents also need to learn how to conduct training, reinforce the rules, and respond when their pup does something they aren’t supposed to. So for the training period, put your work aside and spend the time learning from the trainers and teaching your pups. Besides, dogs learn best with their parents!

5. Complaining about the price

Dog trainers do what they do for a living; it’s a job and a business, just like your own. While many trainers work due to their love of animals and desire to help pups and their families, they also have to support their lives and the tools and facilities needed to train pups in the first place. Be respectful of trainers and their work!

So the next time you bring your pup in for training, spare a thought for those working to train them. Like and share away!

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