Here Are 5 Ways You Can Help Your Pup Overcome Their Fears

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Help Your Pup Overcome Their Fears

We don’t often talk about dog anxiety but it’s actually a very common problem. To avoid feeling powerless the next time your puppy is terrified of thunderstorms, the vacuum, or anything else – read on for five tips to overcome dog fears!

  1. First of all, recognize the power of treats as a great motivator. For example, if your puppy suffers from vacuum fear, then leave the vacuum next to his food bowl. That way he can learn that it’s not scary at all!
  2. Watch out for your own behavior. Doggies are very sensitive to the things we do and say and if we’re nervous they can sense it. Don’t push your stress on the dog and be calm and intentional!
  3. As a dog parent, you might have the impulse to soothe and kiss them when they’re afraid. Unfortunately, that can be seen as rewarding bad behavior. As hard as it is, leave the dog to cope with his own fear, and then help them find their happy place.
  4. When your puppy does react to a previously stressful situation well, make sure to treat them properly! If at the next thunderstorm, your pup doesn’t appear as anxious, make sure to give them treats so that they know that’s a great way to react.
  5. Last but not least, if your anxious dog has a tough setback, be there for him. Offer support and love because it’s a hard path and they need all the affection they can get.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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