Here Are 7 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Pups Healthy And Happy During Summer

Here Are 7 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Pups Healthy And Happy During Summer

It’s summer now and with rising temperatures come rising health risks for our beloved pets! Dogs, cats, rabbits and all other house animals can really suffer in the heat and by following a few simple steps, you can make life a lot easier for them!

  1. First off, never leave your pets in cars, especially dogs!
  2. Invest in pet-friendly sunscreen, especially for animals with white fur! Horses can get easily sunburned on their noses, too, so make sure you take care of them.
  3. When walking your pooch, bear the temperatures of the asphalt in mind. We have shoes to protect our feet, but pups don’t and it can burn their paws! Walk your dogs in the evenings when it’s really warm.
  4. It might seem tempting to let your dog cool in the river or the sea, but make sure they can swim first! A home pool is a lot safer and will be a lot easier to manage and a lot more fun for your pet.
  5. Don’t let your dogs drink from puddles or streams! You never know what bacteria hides there. It’s always best to carry a water bottle for your pooch.
  6. When it comes to fish, rabbits, guinea pigs and any other animals kept in aquariums or cages, it’s always good practice to shade them.
  7. Finally, treat your pet to a lovely frozen treat or freeze their toys – it can be very refreshing!

Make sure to share these tips with your friends and take care of your pets during the summer so that everyone can enjoy the nice weather!

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