Here Are Ways To Ensure Your Puppy Can Cope With Your Absence

Here Are Ways To Ensure Your Puppy Can Cope With Your Absence

Dogs are highly social animals, and they can become attached to their owners very quickly. They love relaxing with you, playing games with you, and simply spending time with you. This can make them feel very anxious, lonely, and even bored when you have to leave the house.

The more attention you give your dog to make up for your absence, the more needy they become. And if you get angry at their clinginess, you will only make them more anxious. So, what’s the solution? Here are some care options in terms of professional or semi-professional services that can help your puppy or dog cope with your absence:

Dog Walkers

You can hire a professional dog walker that can stop by your house once or twice every day to bring your dog out for a walk. The exercise can help calm your dog down, and they may walk alongside other dogs, which will help their social skills.

Day Care

Day care is a great option to provide socialization and exercise to your dog. Choose a well-reviewed, certified day care and you can rest easy knowing that your dog is in good hands.

Pet Sitters

A pet sitter can either stay in your home for the duration you are away or simply drop by a couple of times per day to play with your dog. Be careful and choose someone you can really trust, and make your expectations clear from the beginning.

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