Here's A 101 On How To Choose The Perfect Dog Trainer!

Here's A 101 On How To Choose The Perfect Dog Trainer!

All pup mommies and daddies know that training is an important part of a fur ball’s growth. If they aren’t taught rules to follow, they often end up creating their own – and those pup-invented rules might not be the best ones!

If your pup has some behavioral issues that you’d like to fix, why not consider attending a professional training class? Most people regard a fur ball’s puppy months as the best time for training, but there’s no real age limit. All pups can learn something from training, and it can really help them! It’s not too difficult to locate a pup trainer.

You can ask for recommendations from other fur ball parents, your vet, a groomer, the humane society, or a pet boarding kennel. You can also search online or look through the phone book. You want to find a trainer who has experience and education in their area. The trainer you want should use humane techniques to train pups through positive reinforcement and should never involve negative or abusive ways.


If you’re interested in a trainer, it might be best to ask for references from their previous clients. Once you find a trainer, you have to decide on the best class format. Do you want a group class where pups learn to socialize and focus, and you can observe other pup parents? If so, get plenty of details regarding these classes – such as class size, levels, requirements, and anything else – and consider requesting to watch one group class session before signing up to see if you like it.

You can also opt for private lessons or dog-only lessons where you will not be present, but there are more disadvantages to these types of classes. If you’ve decided on a training program, congratulations! Now, before you go, make sure to send your pup for a vet check-up to ensure that he’s healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations. It’s also best not to feed fur balls big meals before classes; a large number of trainers use treats as rewards. Don’t forget to practice in between lessons for short periods to bring your pup’s training home.

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