Here's A 101 On How We Should Handle An Injured Dog - And It's Easy

Here's A 101 On How We Should Handle An Injured Dog - And It's Easy

Okay here’s a thing, if dogs could speak English, the first thing they would tell you when you approach them would be, “Will you please not come near me, I’ll bite because I don’t know your intentions.” It’s true.

Because of some cruel people, our animals have come to realize that they can never completely trust a stranger, especially when they’re in an injured state, both physically and emotionally. This is why when some people approach an injured dog, they should always wear protective gear so they’re protected from being bitten.

If your fur ball is in severe pain, he/she will likely be very afraid, and because of the fear, they might sometimes do things you’ve never seen them do. If you imagine yourself in their situation, you’d probably understand that it’s the pain that they’re going through that’s making them cranky and any cranky person won’t smile or laugh, they will be mad and angry.

What you have to do first is to make a temporary muzzle out of a length of bandage, belt or shoelace to prevent them from biting. In order to apply the muzzle, you have to be careful so as not to make your dog think you have wrong intentions. Therefore,

  • Using a calm voice approach your fur ball as slowly as you can, let them see your every move,
  • Bring the bandage up under the pup’s chin, about halfway between his nose and eyes,
  • Tie the two ends in one loop on your pup’s muzzle,
  • Then finally bring the bandage back under the pup’s chin and tie another single knot.
  • Make absolute sure that it’s not tight and that your pup can breath. This is EXTREMELY important.


Remember when your fur ball is injured, chances are you’re going to be extremely depressed and anxious, but remember the key is to remain calm and have presence of mind. You are going to be afraid, but when that fear takes over, look at your pup and repeat to yourself that he/she is going to be just fine if you only remain calm and concentrate on the more important things. Three things to remember:

  • Check your pup’s airway to ensure he/she is breathing properly
  • Check your pup’s blood circulation by checking his/her heartbeat

If your pup’s gums are blue that means he/she isn’t getting enough oxygen therefore clear out their airway by tilting their head back so they can breath. If your pup’s heartbeat is weak, get him/her to the vet as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep him calm, speak to him, cover him with a blanket and keep his head low as his body. Remember to be calm, but act fast. Please SHARE this post with everyone you know.

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