Here's Why Your Dog Marks Your House And You'll Be Surprised!

Here's Why Your Dog Marks Your House And You'll Be Surprised!

Marking behavior is normal for many pups, but it can be incredibly exasperating when they start marking within the house, which is a serious problem. Here’s how to deal with that.

Step 1:

Rule out medical reasons. Sometimes, marking can be a communication signal from a pup that something is wrong. Collect a urine sample from your pup and bring it to the vet immediately after collection to have it tested. Your pup cannot be held responsible for this behavior if it is a result of a health condition or disorder, so do not attempt to retrain your pup until the vet rules it out.

Step 2:

Understand why your pup marks. If medical conditions are ruled out, then you’ll need to understand why your pup exhibits this behavior. Here are the common reasons for marking:

  1. A reproductive signal in an unsprayed or unneutered pup as a signal that they are interested in a mate.
  2. An establishment of boundaries or personal territory for other dogs to interpret.
  3. A result of a formation of a habit or pattern from before he lived with you, or if this behavior has been happening for an extended period of time already.

Step 3:

Establish a preferred area for urination. Pick a place outside where you want your pup to use the bathroom. Walk them out on a leash to ensure that they do urinate when they go outside and are not just adventuring then going back inside the house to go to the toilet. When your pup does urinate outside, reward them with high value treats and a lot of praise.

Step 4:

If needed, consult a certified dog trainer. There’s no harm in asking for help if you have difficulty correcting the marking behavior. Develop a training plan with a professional that is easy for you and your pup to follow.

Remember, patience, consistency, and plenty of rewards will eventually bear fruit, and your efforts will pay off in the long run. Don’t forget to like and share this if you found it useful!

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