Here's Why Your Dogs Like To Hide Their Toys

Here's Why Your Dogs Like To Hide Their Toys

Does your dog like to hide their toys – typically with very unconvincing results? They dig diligently but wind up with toys gently placed under couches with large portions sticking out. And yet, despite the bad job, your dog is thrilled!

Why do dogs hide toys? Some of them may do so because they don’t want that particular toy at the time, but know they will want it later – and they don’t want to lose or share it. A solution to this is to simply only give them toys that they will want immediately, such as tug toys or Kongs. You can also reduce the number of toys available to your dog at a time and rotate them unprompted, so they don’t get bored.

A good idea is to try and change the way your dog “digs” and “buries” their toys. Redirect them away from furniture and give them a designated digging area. It can be a bed full of blankets and sheets, a sand pit outside, or anything you’re okay with them digging.

Teach your dog to bury items there by keeping the digging area near their usual furniture. Direct them to it when they start to dig. You can even attach a cue to it as a command. Reward them with treats and praise.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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