Hero Man Buys School Bus To Save Shelter Pets From Hurricane

Hero Man Buys School Bus To Save Shelter Pets From Hurricane

In South Carolina, residents were making preparations to evacuate in the wake of the approach of Hurricane Florence in the region.

But while all these people were hurrying to leave, a man named Tony Alsup from Tennessee, who volunteers with an organization called EARS Emergency Animal Rescue and Shelter, was doing the opposite. Alsup fired up his old school bus, a vehicle purchased in order to assist animals in need, and began the journey into the storm’s path.

Back in 2017, Alsup did this very same thing in Texas right before the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, picking up pets in need so none would be left behind. When he heard this might be needed in South Carolina, he headed over to assist – especially with shelter pets.

Alsup decided to do this when he realized that these pets were always the last to be considered during natural disasters, even though their lives are precious, too. So he chose to give them their own bus and fund the fuel himself.

As Hurricane Florence loomed in wait, Alsup stopped at various shelters in the South Carolina area and filled his bus with as many pets as he could carry – totaling 53 pups and 11 cats.

This compassionate, selfless chauffeur then drove the pets up to Foley, Alabama, and dropped them off at a rescue facility that would then move the animals to other safe shelters, where they might just find new forever homes.

If you would like to provide some support to Alsup and other individuals working with EARs Emergency Animal Rescue and Shelter, you can kindly make a donation to them on their website.

Images & Feature Image Source: Tony Alsup / Facebook

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