Hero Pup Runs To Grandma's Room And Starts Licking Her Face - Saving Her Life!

Hero Pup Runs To Grandma's Room And Starts Licking Her Face - Saving Her Life!

Annabelle Camp knew she had to help the tiny, thin puppy wandering along a Georgia roadside the moment she saw him. What she didn’t know was that the puppy would repay her in an amazing way.

Although she wanted to keep the puppy, who she decided to name Mason, Camp’s grandmother absolutely forbade it. So they came to a compromise – they would keep the pup for about a week as the Human Society tried to find a foster home for him. When a foster didn’t come up, Mason had to go to a boarding facility as he awaited good-enough health for adoption.

But then the unthinkable happened – Mason fell sick and needed to be hospitalized. He was suffering at the boarding facility. Camp begged her grandmother to allow them to take him in until he could be adopted, nearly hysterical in fear, and her grandmother very grudgingly agreed.

Once in Camp’s home, Mason slowly recovered and began to bloom. Camp’s grandmother still wasn’t too thrilled and refused to interact with him around, but Mason was determined to display his gratitude.

One Monday night, Camp was jolted awake by an urgently barking Mason, who had clambered onto her bed and was yapping right in her face. Camp knew Mason loved sleeping, so she immediately knew something was wrong. The pup jumped off the bed, looking at Camp as though he wanted her to follow him.

Mason dashed off and Camp hurried behind him. When she arrived at their destination, she saw, to her horror, that her grandmother was unconscious on her bathroom floor, with Mason whining and covering her in concerned kisses. Her heart condition had attacked, and Camp acted fast to revive her as quickly as possible.

The next day, Camp told her grandmother what Mason had done. Her grandmother was immediately very thankful, and though she still isn’t too comfortable with him, she now gives him pets whenever she spots him. It seems that Mason knew what it was like to be rescued, and he knew he had to do the same for his loved one – even if she hadn’t warmed up to him!

Images & Feature Image Source: Annabelle Camp

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