Hero Pup Wakes His Family When He Realizes Someone Outside Is Looking For Help

Hero Pup Wakes His Family When He Realizes Someone Outside Is Looking For Help

Dogs can be intuitive and they often notice things that a lot of us would just overlook. In many cases, this is just a cute characteristic. But in this situation, it saved a life.

Max was sleeping one Friday morning before the sun rose when he heard the panicked cries of a cat outside the front door. He knew instinctively that something was wrong. Thinking quickly, Max hurried to alert his family about the situation. He scratched at the front door repeatedly and barked and barked until he was heard.

Eventually, the family heard Max’s cries. They decided to get up and see what the problem was. Imagine their surprise when they opened the front door to find that there was a stray cat trapped inside a plastic bag right at their doorstep! The poor kit was running out of air, but had just been able to get to the family’s front door in time.

Max’s Dad was able to quickly remove the plastic bag, saving the cat’s life. It’s terrifying to think of what could have happened if Max hadn’t heard what was going on outside, hadn’t understood that there was trouble, or simply hadn’t succeeded in waking his family up.

Free of the trappings of the plastic bag, the cat ran off into the night, looking no worse for wear. The family now considers Max a hero of sorts, as they would have never been aware of what was going on if he hadn’t been so diligently trying to tell them about it. It seems like pups are always trying to find a way to help those around them, Max included!

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