Rescued English Bulldog Falls Asleep Belly Up Now That She Is Living The Good Life!

Rescued English Bulldog Falls Asleep Belly Up Now That She Is Living The Good Life!

Ellie the English bulldog is quite the ham! She loves to lay on her back in the middle of the floor and snooze away. Her human says, “She does this pretty much daily and usually for at least an hour, sometimes all afternoon! My favorite is when she pretends like she is sleeping and then attacks you or your feet in a very quick motion. She is more sneaky than she looks and is a very vicious dog. Bulldogs sleep a lot and Ellie is no different, but she does tend to be a bit more active than most english bulldogs.”

Believe it or not, the beautiful and silly Ellie is a rescue dog. Her humans report that her life wasn’t always so carefree. In fact, she hadn’t had her first walk on a leash until well after her first birthday. When they adopted her, she struggled with chewing, potty training, and dog aggression but her parents also report that she’s incredibly sweet and loves humans – kids especially! She loves sleeping, eating, going for short walks, playing tug of war, and wrestling on the bed.

Her humans also report that Ellie had a bit of a health scare that they are hoping to raise more awareness about so other bullies don’t have to go through what sweet Ellie went through. They say,”In July of 2014 she developed Pyrometra or Pyrometrea a common infection in unfixed female dogs of all breeds. She was rushed into emergency surgery and had her entire uterus removed (her incision/scar is 3/4 of her entire body length). It was a terrifying experience but we are happy to report she is happy and healthier than ever. If you haven’t fixed your female dog yet I strongly encourage you to research the dangers and cost of Pyrometra, I regret not knowing about it a lot.”

Check with your vet if you have questions about Pyrometra and they can advise you if your fur kid is at risk and what might be best for prevention.

Sweet Ellie had a rough start to life, but I love seeing her living the good life now – happy and spoiled they way every dog should be!

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Watch the video below to see Ellie and her funny sleeping position!

Feature Image Source: Funny English Bulldog Ellie

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