Homeless Man's Heartbreaking Goodbye To His Loving Pup Turns Into Something Incredible

Homeless Man's Heartbreaking Goodbye To His Loving Pup Turns Into Something Incredible

Mr. Williams was heartbroken when he had to bring Lucky, his best friend and pup of 14 years, to Gwinnett County Animal Welfare.

He had just been evicted, only had the bare minimum he could fit into the backseat of his car and $40 to his name, and had freed up the front seat just for Lucky, rendering him with even fewer possessions.

Katie Corbett was the staff member at the counter in the Lawrenceville, Georgia shelter that day. Williams was clearly devastated that he had to give up a pup he loved so much, and staff were emotional as they received the pups. Lucky began to cry as Williams gave him heartwrenching last words; he spoke about how they were young when they first met but were old men now. He told Lucky to be a good boy and said he would come back for him.

After Williams left, Lucky was extremely upset. Luckily, though, the Community Services Department deputy director was onsite and caught wind of the tale. He immediately reached out to the Senior Services Department of the county to see if they could provide Williams with any resources.

The department was able to provide some assistance, and Williams found himself in a hotel room thanks to their efforts, and also thanks to some generous donations! Now that this was taken care of, staff had to work on moving Lucky to a foster or temporary home where he could wait for Williams without the stress of the overwhelming shelter. The shelter made a Facebook post about it, which soon went viral!

The day after the post was made, a man walked right in ready to take Lucky to his home, where he had pups of his own too. Lucky was immediately more relaxed once he was outside of the shelter. For now, Lucky is having fun with his foster family, and Williams is in disbelief. He can’t believe how kind everyone has been to them! He is now working on getting back on his feet so he and Lucky can go home together once more.

Images & Feature Image Source: Katie Corbett

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