How 15-Year-Old Dog Sniffs Out Dad Will Warm Your Heart!

The bond between canine companion and human is so unique and so incredible that it overcomes any circumstances. It is almost as if, no matter what, our four-legged family members never forget us!

Many of us have seen viral videos on social media where dogs are reunited with their pet parents after months of being apart. It usually takes a few seconds, but once the furry friend recognizes their parent, they go from cautious to a wiggly jellybean in a moment. A similar situation took place between a dog dad and his loyal companion.

A fifteen-year-old Cocker Spaniel has been going through the phases of aging. Over time this beautiful girl has lost most of her vision and it takes her some time before she recognizes what is in front of her. Thankfully, our dogs have super sniffer capabilities that help them navigate their way around. A dog dad recently uploaded a video on Twitter of his precious girl at the moment she recognized him. Initially, she came and sniffed him, then the moment she recognized who he was, she literally bounced around him off all four paws!

The video simply melts your heart and shows how unconditional and precious the love and bond between these two is. The video prompted other people to post videos and pictures of special moments with their dogs too. But not just any dogs, pups who are also experiencing visual disabilities or conditions. The movement is just tear-jerking, but phenomenal to experience!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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