How an 80-Year-Old Dog Made This Man Cry...

How an 80-Year-Old Dog Made This Man Cry...

The man’s name is Zach Medlin and a stroll in Kiroli Park in West Monroe, Louisiana would eventually bring him to tears. In the end, he concluded that “All dogs deserve a grave marker.”

Zach was a dog lover, and on his usual walk with his dog, he noticed something peeking out of the ground. It was a small square stone and it had been mostly covered by fallen leaves and pine needles. While his one-eyed Staffordshire terrier, Serena, was busy duck-chasing in the lake, Medlin decided to take a closer look.

There was an inscription on the stone and it read: Buddie 1928-1941. Born a dog/ Died a gentleman. This piqued his curiosity even more because he hadn’t known why he was buried in a public park. He could tell Buddie was beloved, especially during the gloomy days of the Great Depression.

According to local storytellers, Buddy was a mascot for the Boys Scout whose summer camping grounds later became the park. He had saved a drowning boy by barking so loudly that the Scouts ran to see what was happening, and eventually saved the boy. However, according to old newspaper clippings from that time, Buddie had actually belonged to Irish Settlers, Mr. and Mrs. Albert H Jones.

He enjoyed playing in the park, so his owners decided to bury him there. You can find it on The details might be fuzzy, but one thing is for certain; Buddie was a good boy, and he lives forever in this park.

Images Source: Zach Medlin

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