How High Can This Dachshund Bounce!

How High Can This Dachshund Bounce!

Have you ever seen a dachshund bounce like this? Tootsie goes straight up in the air and onto her bed and then she is bouncing and pouncing all over her bed.

We don’t know what she’s looking for but it looks like it’s fun just looking for it. Her grandma says she does this all the time! Tootsie is deaf and has limited vision but that doesn’t stop her from doing what she does best!

At home, the Dachshund’s playful nature comes out. He loves to be close to you and “help” you do things like tie your shoes. Because of his intelligence, he often has his own ideas about what the rules are when it comes to playtime-and those rules may not be the same as yours or even other breeds of dogs. – Source.

Feature Image Source: Shawnna Holliday

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