Ice Cream Helps Calm Terrified Dog Stuck Between Fence And Wall

Ice Cream Helps Calm Terrified Dog Stuck Between Fence And Wall

When pups find themselves in situations that need rescuing, it’s almost always uncertain whether they did so by accident or of their own doing.

After Officer Jenna Humphreys of the Denver Animal Protection answered a call about a canine stuck between a fence and cement structure, it did not seem grave but based on Facebook photos by the Denver Animal Shelter, it appeared the pup was immovable while standing above nose into a less-than-10-inch opening.

Terrified and unable to extract himself, the Rottweiler was offered ice cream to calm him down while the rescue team tried to soft talk him and ease his body out of the tight space. According to the Colorado officers, the ice cream helped calm him down which was necessary for them to wiggle his body out from the confined situation, without causing more harm to the already exhausted dog.

No photos were shown of how the pup was successfully extracted except for two that captured one of the officers taking him out at one end, and another, showing the wearied pup leaning on Officer Humphreys in the snow. As to how long the canine remained stuck, the Denver department disclosed no further information was disclosed but temperatures at that time were said to be at its mid-thirties overnight.

Now lovingly called, Frederick, the pup is now recovering at the Denver Animal Shelter from sustained injuries. If unclaimed, he may be put up for adoption.

Feature Image Source: Denver Animal Shelter

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