If You Have Senior Dogs At Home, This Could Save Their Lives

If You Have Senior Dogs At Home, This Could Save Their Lives

Did you know that 54% of dogs in the United States are overweight? This means that there’s a chance your pup is, too. But did you also know that being overweight can shave off two and a half years of your pup’s life?

As such, it’s very important that you are able to tell if your pup is at a healthy weight or not! A pup at a good weight should have a visible waist when you look at them from above, and their tucked abdomen should be equally visible. You should also be able to feel their ribs when you have your hands on their sides.

Canine obesity is a serious problem. So how can you take steps to prevent your pup from gaining extra, unneeded weight? Here are a few ways.

1. Exercise. Even if you barely have the time, try and make exercise part of your pup’s daily routine. Walks, hikes, and bike rides are great if you want to get some exercise as well, but you can also take your pup swimming or play with toys with your pup to do so.

2. Watch calorie intake. Never overfeed your pup, keeping in mind that their dietary needs will evolve over time. You can speak to your vet to confirm a good amount of food. In addition, try to switch treats around for more healthy options at a less frequent rate. Opting for 100% meat treats will help supply to your pup’s dietary needs.

3. Take care of joints. Joint pain, which often develops as a pup ages, will make them less active and less likely to want to exercise, which in turn will lead to weight gain, which will then lead to more weight gain. Read up about symptoms of joint pain and how to prevent it here.

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