If You Have These Things At Home, Please Throw Them Away ASAP

If You Have These Things At Home, Please Throw Them Away ASAP

If you’re a pup mommy or daddy, chances are that you’ve accumulated quite a number of fur ball supplies and stuff over the years. But you need to make room for new, better things, and you don’t want too much junk rotting in a pile somewhere! Here are some things you should get rid of!

  • First thing’s first: retractable leashes. They’re the worst for teaching pups how to heel, or just how to walk well around you. Your fur ball can pull on the leash and allow him more leeway than you’d like to give him. So the best thing to do? Get a solid leash – a shorter one for training, and a longer one to allow more freedom – and establish boundaries.
  • If you have a prong collar, get rid of that too, for an opposite reason. You don’t want to trigger a fear response in your pup. Pain isn’t the best way to train a fur ball. Stick to rewards and positive reinforcement – much more pleasant for you and your pup! Do you also still hold on to old, outgrown collars? You really have no need to keep these. Throw them out if they’ve got a strong odor to them. If they just no longer fit, you can wash them and donate them to an animal rescue.
  • Plastic bowls in storage? Into the trash! Lightweight, cheap plastic is ultimately not the best material for a pup food bowl, and not just because they move a lot. It’s naturally greasier and can be harder to clean, especially if there are those tiny little scratches in it that can hide bacteria. And if it’s not clean, hello infection and facial irritation! It’s best to stick to ceramic or stainless steel.
  • Try not to keep broken or chewed up toys either. Toys that have pieces hanging off of them from being torn apart or broken can pose a choking hazard to your pup. Those that make it down your fur ball’s throat might cause intestinal blockage. Invest in some new toys to avoid these emergency situations!
  • Now, look over your tools. How about the nail trimmers? When no longer sharp, nail trimmers can tear or crush nails and be painful or unpleasant for pups. If your pair is dull, throw them out and get some new ones!
  • Lastly, check your medication supply for expired ones. This one just goes without saying! Some medicines become toxic after expiring. Go to your vet to get new ones instead.

Congratulations, you’ve now cleared out some old junk! Now go replace them with new things, and do like and share if you found this helpful.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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