Is It Okay For My Dog To Sleep In My Bed?

Is It Okay For My Dog To Sleep In My Bed?

Question: This is Beagle Ruby. She’s the newest addition to our family and we were wondering if it’s okay for her to sleep in one of our beds, or would she be better off in a bed of her own.

Answer: It’s quite common for dog parents to allow their dogs to sleep in their beds. In fact, many owners prefer it this way, as long as the dog doesn’t create any issues when it’s time to go to bed. Some dogs are so full of energy and hyperactive that they may try to wake you up to play.

Having your dog sleep in your bed strengthens your bond and can improve your mood and sense of well-being. New dogs and puppies generally feel less anxiety when they are allowed to sleep with their new family. On the flip side, it can cause separation anxiety when it’s time for him/her to sleep in his/her own bed.

However, your bed may not be as comfortable as your dog’s bed and may affect his/her quality of sleep, no matter how excited he/she is to be beside mommy/daddy. In this case, you should consider getting your dog a bed and placing it in your room.

Ensure your dog is clean, and free of disease, dirt, or fleas as these can make you sick, or make your mattress dirty and smelly. Once you have considered these factors and put them in the perspective of your dog’s personality, you’ll have your answer.

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