Is There A Way To Cure Your Dog Of Car Sickness? Yes, 6 Ways, Actually!

Is There A Way To Cure Your Dog Of Car Sickness? Yes, 6 Ways, Actually!

Many dogs love car rides and want to hop in whenever their parents are getting ready to go, so it’s no surprise that Mommies and Daddies want to bring their pups along for road trips and even for short rides for errands.

But did you know that one in six dogs suffers from road sickness? If your pup is one of them, then read on!

Pups experience this issue in different ways. Some puppies grow out of it as they grow older, but others experience sickening ear imbalance for life. It could be a sign of fear or nervousness, or it could be biology – whatever the case, you don’t want to clean up the mess after, and you’d love to bring your pup more places without them getting sick. Here are six ways to manage car sickness.

1. Talk to a vet

Some medication can help lessen motion sickness, and if your pup suffers due to anxiety, then there are medications that can alleviate that, too.

2. Use calming aids

There are many tools that can be used to reduce anxiety in cars, such as wraps, clothing, and even music! Learn more about choosing calming music here.

3. Travel on an empty stomach

Don’t feed your pup right before they’re going to hop into a car, so there’s nothing to throw up.

4. Keep seats secure

The closer your pup is to the ground, the less movement they will feel. Place their crate on the floor, or secure them tightly there with a harness.

5. Positive association

If your pup is nervous in cars, then work up in stages and show your pup that car rides aren’t a bad thing. Put your pup in the car with the engine off and reward them for staying calm. Play in the car to show your pup that it’s not that different from home! Then, slowly work up until you can do longer rides, or if your pup is scared of the engine, keep it on in gradually lengthening periods until they are used to it. Always reward calm behavior!

6. Keep trips short

Start with trips that just go to the end of your street, then around your block, and then slowly expand the travel time. Try not to turn sharply or go over hard bumps, and reward your pup after completing each ride.

With these tips, there’s a chance that you and your pup will be riding smoothly soon! Like and share away!

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