It Was Lucky And Cooper All Along!- They Were Caught Blue-Handed!

It Was Lucky And Cooper All Along!- They Were Caught Blue-Handed!

Meet Lucky and Cooper. They are the best of friends and are the culprits of the crime of the century!

Lucky has a big personality and is mischievous by nature. He’s usually the mastermind behind the plan, and Cooper joins in. Cooper is usually more laid-back but the two of them together are a real handful!

Their family had a bit of a problem. The pens kept disappearing and they had no clue what was happening. In reality, however, it was Lucky and Cooper all along! Lucky, of course, initiated it, but she was bored of hoarding and guarding them, so Cooper took over. Lucky would run off to bark at passersby and vehicles, while Cooper would destroy them. Their mom, Roma Mount, uncovered the mystery of the missing pens with some blue ink. The evidence was all over their paws!

The pair tried to keep their crimes a secret and even began to snack on them, but they soon realized that they were doing something wrong. Their family was upset about it and they began to feel ashamed.

The pen stealing has slowed down a bit, but the two can’t help themselves. Now, it’s a never-ending cycle of snacking on pens and feeling guilty when they’re caught. The family has to be careful about where they put their pens now, but somehow they still seem to find some to wreak havoc on. Don’t get them wrong, they are very good boys. They just have a bad habit.

What a mischievous pair!

Images Source: Roma Mount

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