Japan Health Officials Nab Family Hoarding 164 Malnourished Dogs

Japan Health Officials Nab Family Hoarding 164 Malnourished Dogs

Health officials in Japan recently apprehended three animal hoarders who were found to have crammed 164 dogs into their tiny 30-square-meter house in Izumo city, Shimane Prefecture, last October 19.

Emaciated and parasite-infested, the pitiable canines were discovered living in very tight quarters, with every perceivable space littered with their fecal matter. According to Kunihisa Sagami, head of an animal rights group in Japan, Dobutsukikin, the dogs were found staying on the chairs, atop shelves, under the tables, and in every possible corner of the small house. Sagami said it is one of his country’s worst cases of animal hoarding.

Seven years ago, Japanese health officials decided to investigate the said house in Shimane Prefecture after receiving several reports from its neighboring houses about the noise and stench of the animals. The public officials were, however, turned away by the owners and not allowed to go in.

Last October, the public health officials returned and discovered the neglected state of the animals to which the hoarding family attributed to lack of financial resources to have the dogs spayed or neutered. This consequently led to the uncontrolled increase of the canine population.

After talking to the family, they eventually agreed that Sagami’s group will arrange for all 164 dogs to receive proper medical attention. Afterward, each of these dogs will be given away to a foster home where they can live in a decent environment and be given ample care and attention.

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