K-9 Dog Saves Cat Trapped For 30 Hours Under Quake-Damaged Building

K-9 Dog Saves Cat Trapped For 30 Hours Under Quake-Damaged Building

Thirty hours after the 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked the Turkish city of Izmir, a cat trapped under a collapsed structure, was detected, and rescued by a K-9 dog named, Bob, of the Search and Rescue Association in Turkey (AKUT).

After Bob spotted the victim that night, the search, and rescue team immediately began digging into the building’s collapsed floors to retrieve the trembling animal, whose name is, “Umut,” aptly translated as “Hope” in Turkey. When Umut was successfully pulled out, she was found to have wounds all over her body and torn nails from trying to scratch her way out of the debris. The medical team, then, wrapped her carefully with a blanket and tended to her gently.

While the emergency response crew were trying to locate Umut’s parents, a neighbor volunteered to receive the rescued cat, offering to bring her to a vet and have her examined and further treated. Meanwhile, the crisis response team, including Bob, has successfully retrieved another British breed cat and a rabbit from Meltem building in Bayrakli area, where rescue operations are still being conducted.

Prior to the commencement of the operation, the Izmir Veterinary Medical Association established and supervised the telephone support lines to attend to the needs of animals who have been saved from quake-damaged buildings and debris. Animal victims, whose abodes have been totally devastated by the earthquake, will also be provided free nourishment and temporary shelter by the team.

Images & Feature Image Source: hurriyetdailynews

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