How These Kind People Rush Poisoned Pup To The Vet Will Warm Your Heart

How These Kind People Rush Poisoned Pup To The Vet Will Warm Your Heart

Animal lovers will do anything that they can to save a pup in need. When Escot, a four-year-old labrador mix pup, was poisoned with organophosphates, a sort of pesticide that affects the nervous system, in front of his parents’ grocery story, Dr. Tjarda Reints Bok rushed to the scene.

It was in the September of 2013 on Isabela, Galapagos Islands, when this occurred. It is believed that the pup ingested poisoned meat, laid out by locals to poison stray dogs that they view as pests, before stumbling home. By the time help arrived, the pup had begun to shake. Reints Bok thought it may have been too late, as once pups begin to shake, it is usually not possible to save them.


The pup had been covered in olive oil by his parent, as it is believed to be a remedy locally. Unfortunately, that made it nearly impossible to get an IV catheter into Escot’s body to flush out fluids and administer fluids to do so. When she did manage to get it to work, she was amazed to see Escot’s condition slowly improving. But the pup still needed to be brought to Darwin Animal Doctor’s clinic about a mile away, and he was large and heavy.


Escot’s Daddy came up with a good idea then – to use the three-wheeled bike he used for grocery delivery as a makeshift ambulance. Together, they brought the pup to the clinic, keeping him calm the whole way through the wobbly ride.


As they went, the pup slowly continued to perk up. Once at the clinic, he recovered quickly and could go home by the end of the day.


The pup was almost immediately back to normal. What a strong boy! Do share this incredibly story!

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