Kitchen Heist: Two Border Collies and a Corgi Work Together to Steal Food

Kitchen Heist: Two Border Collies and a Corgi Work Together to Steal Food

Border Collies as they helped their Corgi friend steal food from the kitchen counter.

This video was first shared on Instagram by professional dog trainer Line Fatland Frøystad. And seeing as how the three dogs work together to pull off the heist, I would say he is good at what he does. But what must have been disappointing for the Border Collies whose names are Harley and Henry is that Hugo, the Corgi, chose to enjoy the feast alone.

“Oi mate, we are breaking our backs here for you, eh. The least you can do is throw us a little piece of the cake,” is what I imagine Harry is thinking to himself at that point. The video was picked up by the British news agency, SWNS, and shared on their YouTube channel where it has amassed an upward of 300k views.

When talking to SWNS, Frøystad pointed out that he raised the three pups together, and the Corgi is always trying to imitate the Border collies. “My Corgi is raised together with his Border Collie brothers. Hugo always wants to do the same as they do. Run fast, jump high, and steal food from the counter. But a corgi has short legs and all of these things aren’t always easy to do.”

And while the video is great for entertainment, Frøystad does not miss the deeper message in it, which is especially relevant during this time when we are fighting the pandemic. Here is what he had to say, “Looking back, I’m thinking this video has a really good message. We all need to work together to achieve our goals, and at this time with COVID, I think this video is what we need.”

Feature Image Source: SWNS / YouTube

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