Are Labs The Most Powerful Chewers Ever?

Are Labs The Most Powerful Chewers Ever?

If you have a lab, odds are you know how much they love to chew. It’s not just fun for them, it’s also a really healthy thing to do! Chewing helps massage the gums, scrape plaque off teeth, and promotes a healthy heart. All good things. Now, the trick is making sure they only chew on things you want them to chew on and they also enjoy chewing on. Plus, it should be durable and last for more than one sitting. The problem is, most bone chew toys aren’t up for the task.

Let’s be real here.

destroyed dog toyEspecially for labs, there is pretty much no such thing as an “indestructible” toy. Ask any lab parent. If you find the right determined pair of chompers, pretty much anything can be destroyed. And that’s okay. That’s what dogs are supposed to do. I accepted that a long time ago and instead of dreaming of a completely indestructible toy that will literally last forever, I started looking for chew toys that last longer.

Like many dog parents, I have spent hundreds of dollars on toys that last one sitting. You know the type. Your dog goes to work on it and while they have a good time with it, an hour later (if that) there are bits and pieces of that new toy all over the house and you find yourself throwing it away.

The Problem With Durable Toys Is Most Dogs Don’t Like Them

lab toyThe problem I had with a lot of durable dog toys, on the other hand, is my dogs just hated them. Sure, if my dog would ever chew on that ultra durable toy, it looks like it would hold up better than a lot of others. But if my dog won’t even touch it, what’s the point? I’ve tried just about every chew out there. I worked at a large pet supply store for years and have also been lucky enough to visit some of the biggest pet expos in the U.S. so I’ve pretty much seen and tried them all. I can’t tell you how many toys I excitedly brought home, only to find that my dogs wouldn’t so much as sniff them. I mean, every dog has their own likes and dislikes. I get that. But after a while, I started to notice a trend. A lot of the hard, durable toys just weren’t very appealing to my dogs (not without a little peanut butter added to them, at least).

But Other Toys Just Don’t Last

retriever destroyed toyFor a while, I just gave in to buying dog chews in bulk. The ones I was buying didn’t last that long, but with chewing being such an important part of dog health, I knew it was better they chew something and destroy it than not chew at all. So we did that for a while, a constant rotation of bones, with little pieces strewn all over the living room.

It’s definitely better than nothing, but I kept looking for something different that they would enjoy chewing, but would also last more than a week. We continued to try new bones but didn’t find a winner until the BarkBone.

Finally There Is Something Appealing And Durable

I finally found something different. Something that had the heftiness and durability I was looking for to hold up to a big dog, and also had an appealing scent that would encourage them to chew. It’s called the BarkBone. If you are familiar with Flavorit, it’s made by the same people but the BarkBone is heftier and designed with aggressive chewers in mind. I’ve had mine for about a month now and it’s still holding strong against multiple large dogs. It’s also curved to make it easier for dogs to pick up which is a plus for my dogs. They seem to get a kick out of running by and scooping it up.

But what makes it appealing to dogs?

flavorit barkbone holesThe age old secret: peanut butter. It’s flavored with allergen-free peanut butter to give it that something extra that drives dogs wild. And I mean it is generously flavored. You’ll be able to smell it right away so just imagine how it smells to a dog. As a bonus, you
can also spread peanut butter (or any other spread of choice) onto it. It has these little flavor cells that are designed to hold little pockets of spread and the great part is, since the bone is curved, the peanut butter won’t get all over your furniture. Just spread it on the underside and your dog can grab it and chew to their heart’s content.

It’s also made in the USA which I love and the flavor is all human-grade. It’s completely non-toxic (of course) and dishwasher safe too, which makes for easy cleanup if you use a spread with it. You can use a stiff brush to clean it, or just throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher and you are good to go!

Where Can You Get It?

I haven’t seen it in stores yet since it is pretty new, but you can order it onlinflavorit barkbone peanut buttere here and if you order two or more, you can use the code SHIPSFREE to get free shipping on your entire order (within the USA). Plus, for every BarkBone purchased here, 2 days of food are provided to shelters dog in need!

The BarkBone actually comes in 2 flavors: peanut butter and mesquite chicken. It also comes in 3 sizes: small (for dogs up to 15 lbs), medium (for dogs up to 50 lbs), and large (for dogs over 50 lbs). I would say if your dog is between sizes, go with the larger size and you’ll be in good shape!

Have any questions? Comment below! I’m glad to help!

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