Learn How To Fish With Crusoe The Dachshund!

Learn How To Fish With Crusoe The Dachshund!

Crusoe, the celebrity Dachshund, is the star of every video he is in, and this time he’s giving us hilarious instructions on how to fish. His dad is taking him out fishing for the day on the lake!

Crusoe now thinks he’s an expert giving step by step instructions on how to fish but at least he gets down and dirty like most fishermen. He even gets out there and digs his own bait worms and squeals with excitement when they catch a fish!

Crusoe looks very handsome in his fishing gear, yet another stylish outfit his humans have found for him. Just love that hat with the front turned up. It suits Crusoe’s devilish and carefree outlook on life!

Watch the video below to see Crusoe going fishing!

Feature Image Source: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

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