Learn How To Keep Your Pups Safe During Thunderstorms

Learn How To Keep Your Pups Safe During Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are one of the most common causes of fear in pups. As they become more common at this point in the season, you may want to prepare for the reactions they can cause in your pups.

Pups may become destructive and panicking when a thunderstorm hits. They could make noises, display severe anxiety symptoms, and scratch at windows and doors in an attempt to escape.

You can read more about what may cause these reactions here, but the fact is that there is no clear answer to questions surrounding thunderstorm phobia. However, you can try your best to keep your pups safer and calmer during the storm by trying out some of these methods.

1. Distractions

A pup with only mild thunderstorm anxiety can be distracted with some toys, a chewy treat, or some training. This can help them focus on something other than the storm.

2. Sounds

Try drowning out or altering the noise from a storm by turning on the television or radio, switching up a fan or air conditioner, or playing white noise. Don’t make it too loud, though, as it can still be too much for a pup’s ears!

3. Safe havens

Pups should have access to places that make them feel safe. Get a crate ready in a place your pup likes to hide, or take note of their favorite places to run to when a storm heats up and make sure they can get to them, maybe with something comfortable added to the area too.

4. Clothing

Some clothing items for pups are designed to calm pups down during storms. They don’t work for all pups, but they’re worth a shot!

5. Medical help

Pups with very severe anxiety may need anxiety medication from a vet to get through storms. Never give your pup a medication not approved by your vet for your pup, though!

Thunderstorms can be scary, but you can help your pup get through them. Like and share if you found this information useful!

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