Little Boy's Letter When He Drops Off Dog At Shelter Will Break Your Heart

Little Boy's Letter When He Drops Off Dog At Shelter Will Break Your Heart

Every now and again, one can be moved to tears by the demonstration of love shared between a parent and their dog. The story is not always a happy one, as in this particular instance.

Recently, employees at an animal shelter called Xollin were surprised to find a cardboard box outside their door. Upon opening it they discovered a large-breed adorable puppy inside, accompanied by a furry toy and a letter.

The letter said it all. A young boy had written it, describing how he feared for his pup’s life, as his father was abusive and was prone to taking out his anger on the innocent pup, even hurting his little tail while also threatening to sell him.

Seeing no alternative and desperate to rescue him, the boy and his mother decided to leave him at the shelter in the hope that he would have a better life. He further added that he had included a toy so his pup wouldn’t forget him.

The letter says: “My name is Andrés and I’m 12 years old. My mom and I decided to leave him to you. All of this is behind my dad’s back, because he was thinking of selling him. But he is always beating and kicking the dog. Once he kicked him so hard that his little tail got injured. I hope you can help him and take care of him. Here is a plush toy so he won’t forget me.”

Children usually have an enduring bond with their dogs so one can only imagine what courage it took for the boy to give him up, and what selflessness he displayed by doing just that. The alternative is just too terrible to contemplate. The shelter immediately sprang into action, planning to rid him of parasites and also arranging a visit to a vet, as the pup’s tail appeared to be fractured.

Since sharing this story, the shelter has been inundated with adoption requests and hopefully, this case will encourage people to adopt rather than buy new dogs.

Feature Image Source: Xollin

Images Source: Xollin

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