Lost Dog Cries After Reuniting With Mom After 21 Long Days

Lost Dog Cries After Reuniting With Mom After 21 Long Days

If you have ever had your dog stolen, or if your dog has ever run away, then you know the pain and worry that parent Kirstin Kapp felt. About a month or so ago, Liddie, Kirstin’s sweet baby, went missing from their home.

Kirstin was devastated and didn’t know what to do with herself during the three weeks that Liddie was away. Luckily, after 21 days, a local vet got into contact with Kirstin and informed her that Liddie was found.

After getting into contact with Kirstin, she was reunited with Liddie, which was all captured on film. This video shows the excitement between the two and the tears of joy that were shared upon seeing each other.

Liddie couldn’t get through the doors quick enough, and as soon as she did, she leaped into Kirstin’s arms and didn’t get down for a while. After a few minutes of excitement, kissing and cuddles, this duo was finally back together. This video was then posted and gained much popularity among the loving dog community, as many parents could relate to the bond shared between them and their companions.

Lost doggo cries out with joy while reuniting with her worried hooman Mom.

Kirstin and Liddies vet are still unsure as to where Liddie went during those 21 days, but Kirstin is more than joyful about her reappearance. The bond that dogs and their parents share is one in a million, and words aren’t always needed. From the second that Liddie saw Kirstin, she knew that she was back home and safe. There was nothing more needed to solidify the bond they shared, only some exciting howls, kisses, and hugs.

Image Source: Kirstin Kapp

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