Man Punches Alligator To Save His Labrador Retriever!

Man Punches Alligator To Save His Labrador Retriever!

David Quarterman has 3 Labrador retrievers – one old chocolate lab and two black labs. He and his dogs were playing ball at the Salt Creek Boat Ramp in Georgia. His dogs were running around, happily playing, and then all of a sudden, he heard one of them yelling and crying!

He rushed to see what’s wrong, and that’s when he saw his 6-year-old Lab named Sheba, about to be devoured by an alligator!

The alligator had the poor dog by the torso. David acted quickly, punching the alligator in the eye to save his beloved Sheba and free her from the alligator’s jaws! Wow!

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This is truly incredible. He didn’t think at all, he just saw his fur kid was in danger and took action, punching the alligator square in the eye. It went under the water, taking the dog with it, but then released the pup. This man is a true hero to his fur kid! The creepy thing is he says he believes the alligator is still in the water, so any other Garden City, GA locals should be careful! Watch the video below for the full story!

Feature Image Source: Pedro Tovar

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