Man Left Heartbroken After Reading Note On Abandoned Dog's Collar (Part 2)

The note explained the dog’s situation. Her name was Siggy, she was five years old, she is a loving and very attentive dog, but her parent can’t take care of her anymore. Here’s Part 1 of this story.

The note pleaded that the dog is adopted by another pet parent and promised that she doesn’t bite and is an excellent guard dog loyal to the parents and protective of them.

At that moment, under the curious sights of multiple drivers and pedestrians, after reading the note, Lionel decided to take Siggy in. He didn’t overthink it. So he took Siggy into his car and off the road and took her home. He fed and bathed her, dried her off with a towel, and put her in a bed he made under a couch. He was not sure whether he had made the wise decision, but he knew the dog had brought so much happiness in one day.

Lionel posted the story of his adoption of Siggy on his Facebook page. He says he is uncertain as to what lies ahead, but he is excited about the experience. He also added pictures of the note and the dog. Lionel then admonishes everyone who is thinking of having a dog or already has one, that having a dog is a full-on commitment.

Unless they are ready to make that commitment, they shouldn’t bring home a dog. He also encourages pet parents who are no longer able to cater to their needs to reach out and ask for help rather than abandoning their pets. He concludes by saying that Siggy has brought him both fears and tears of joy, and he is so excited she’s all his! Aww!

Let’s assume you saw an abandoned dog in the middle of the road, what would you do? Let us know your strategy in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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