Massive Labrador Retriever Gets A Case Of The Wiggles!

Massive Labrador Retriever Gets A Case Of The Wiggles!

Everyone meet this absolutely silly Labrador pup who hasn’t found a better place to scratch himself! Here he is in the living room, scratching away like there’s no tomorrow!

This adorable fur ball knows that if there’s one thing he loves doing on the carpet, its to scratch himself to his heart’s content! What he’s doing right now may look like he’s itching his back, but there’s another reason as to why our fur balls do this.

According to Modern Dog Medicine, “Two reasons, either to relieve an itch or to mark with scent. For a dog, a great analogy is that they want their place to smell like home, which means it smells like them. Here we are trying to rid our homes of any doggie smell and they’re doing their best to stink the place up!”

“And when they encounter a weird smell, usually, they would like to pee on it, but they’ve been told not to do that inside, so they roll, marking the spot using the scent glands based on their tails instead.”

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Feature Image Source: Kristen Cohernour

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