Missing English Bulldog Without Microchip Adopted, Previous Family Wants Him Back

Missing English Bulldog Without Microchip Adopted, Previous Family Wants Him Back

A family from Bellmead who lost their adorable English bulldog back in November 2015 recently found out that another family adopted him from the Waco Animal Shelter after it went missing. Now they want him back.

Tracy Hendricks says that their English bulldog, Jack Frost, went missing after her son’s birthday party on the 16th of November 2015. Back then they had no microchipped their pup. “We had no idea where he went. We live in a busy street so we were scared he got run over. Somebody stole him,” said Hendricks.

The family searched the neighborhood and even visited the Waco Animal Shelter twice within two weeks of their pup’s disappearance. However Tracy claims that they didn’t show her all the pups who were in the reclaims area. “I’m frustrated and angry that he was left here and even had to go through the trauma of being put with a new family and starting over and dealing with that,” said Hendricks.

City Spokesman Larry Holze said, “There is absolutely no reason in the world for us to not show every animal that is there. We would much rather have that dog reclaimed requiring that person to microchip rather than having to have it spay or neutered and microchipped at the city’s expense.”

“I’m feeling guilty now because I want my dog back but I also know some other family has had him since November and that they have gotten attached to him and that they love him. Now I’m not only hurting for my kids and my family but also hurting for that family too,” said Hendricks. Take a look at this video and don’t forget to microchip your pups.

Feature Image Source: newswest9

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