Monster Brutally Nailed Puppy To Bathroom Door And Left Him Hanging

Monster Brutally Nailed Puppy To Bathroom Door And Left Him Hanging

The Union County police department officers arrived at Tyler Austin Jerdo’s home after receiving a call that he was torturing a dog.

They discovered Jerdo, who was high, had locked himself and his puppy in the bathroom and secured the door with his weightlifting equipment. When the officers gained access to the bathroom to arrest Jerdo, he head-butted one of them and attempted to escape with the methamphetamine in his possession.

The officers were horrified when they saw Jerdo’s five-month-old puppy, Asher, hanging on the door. Jerdo had nailed the dog’s paw to the door using a power drill and doused him with paint.

They quickly removed one of the screws, but the other proved difficult as it had been driven too deep, so they pulled Asher’s paw off the door. The poor pup wagged its tail throughout the ordeal, thankful to be rescued by the officers who were heartbroken by the situation.

Asher was taken to the Union County Animal Shelter in South Carolina. However, the shelter’s executive director, Holly Wise, said they didn’t have the veterinary expertise he needed. Luckily, people volunteered to help, and the dog was later transferred to Rescued in Charleston, where he’d get the necessary medical help.

Several people are waiting to adopt Asher after hearing his story. However, he needs to recover from his wounds and traumatic experience first. Afterward, he will find a suitable forever home with plenty of love.

Image Credit: Holly Wise

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