News Anchor Hears A Dog Crying In A Car On A Hot Day. What He Does Next? Incredible.

News Anchor Hears A Dog Crying In A Car On A Hot Day. What He Does Next? Incredible.

There may be moments in your life when you witness animal mistreatment that you simply can’t ignore. Kyle Clark, a news anchor for Denver, Colorado’s KUSA, experienced this sort of moment a couple of days ago, and used his position at the station to raise awareness on this topic by sharing his story.

Clark was running some errands on a hot day in 90-degree weather when he heard some very loud crying across the parking lot. The pained cries belonged to that of a poor, innocent pup, who had been locked up in a car in the heat and was incredibly uncomfortable and upset. The dog had been left there for a considerable amount of time and was suffering in the sauna of the car.

Unfortunately, Clark could not break the window to save it. The only states in the U.S. that legally allow such an act are Florida and Tennessee, with a pending bill in California, and he had to abide by the law. He decided to call 311 – Denver Animal Protection – and waited on hold for five minutes in order to receive help.

Take a look at this video to see what happened:

The pup’s owner eventually returned with a frozen yogurt in hand. She found his concern for her fur ball to be completely amusing and merely laughed at Clark’s polite and almost apologetic expressions of worry. What an irresponsible pet owner! We certainly hope that Clark was able to give the license plate number to Denver Animal Protection and that action will be taken to get that poor pup a better home! Please like and share.

Feature Image Source: 9NEWS

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