Offering a Second Chance to a Senior Dog

Offering a Second Chance to a Senior Dog

Adopting an older dog or cat sounds like an incredible idea at the start, but for many, it’s a serious decision that must be taken into account.

When looking into taking in a dog that is older than most, there are a few things you should know. First, you should always keep in mind that age is just a number. Another important thing you need to remember is that, while it’s very rewarding to adopt an older dog, they may face complications or other issues much sooner than a younger puppy.

You must be prepared mentally and physically for anything that can arise when taking an older dog in. On the other hand, adopting a senior dog has countless perks. For most, the potty training is already done, which can be a huge burden lifted off the shoulders of many. You won’t need to worry about getting pee on your floors or furniture because many of these dogs are already trained to go to the bathroom outside.

A senior dog is also much calmer than that of a puppy. Their personalities are also more intact because they have lived long enough to know who they are. You will already know what you’re getting into long before bringing them home, which is a benefit to some. Just remember, you’re giving a senior dog a second chance, which is a great feeling.

Once adopting an older dog, it’s best to allow him or her to take a few months to get settled in. By making a simple routine with scheduled walks, feeding, and crate training will expedite the process of making them feel at home.

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