Oregon Family Gives Home To A Rescued Mama Dog From A Farm In South Korea

Oregon Family Gives Home To A Rescued Mama Dog From A Farm In South Korea

Clementine and her puppies had a miserable life, living abandoned on a farm in South Korea, on Jeju Island. Two other moms with their little pups were also living on the same farm, with nothing but a few edible things left to eat.

Lucky for them, Jeju Animal Rescue Crew took responsibility for saving the dogs from years of suffering. There were 12 puppies and 3 mother dogs when the crew arrived at the farm.

After some time, all dogs were rescued from the farm, having been provided with foster homes. In the beginning, it was hard for the mamas to let strangers approach them and their babies, and it would take some patience and dedication to get through their fear of people. Luckily, all of them got great foster homes that took extra steps in providing good care for the puppies.

Lindsay, Clementine’s new foster mom, said that she was pretty scared in the beginning and every noise would startle her each time. After a few days, Lindsay was starting to make progress in getting her trust. Soon enough, they were enjoying walks and other animals together. Step by step, every dog got his own forever home in the United States and Canada. Clementine got adopted by Caleb and Sarah from Portland, Oregon. Normally, at first, the mama dog was frightened of her new parents, but they never gave up on gaining her trust.

They started giving her treats to convince her to go out for walks with them. Now, Clementine is a completely different dog. She enjoys going on adventures and love running and playing. It is a delight to watch her having a good life in her new forever home!

Image Credit: Facebook

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