Pizza Delivery Guy Delivers A Pizza And Saves This Senior Pup's Life Too!

Pizza Delivery Guy Delivers A Pizza And Saves This Senior Pup's Life Too!

What would you do if you were in the middle of a time-sensitive job when you noticed a lost dog all alone on the busy street?

Steven Donovan, a pizza delivery man, was faced with this situation. While delivering a pizza, a pup ran across the middle of a busy street.

Donovan knew he couldn’t leave the pup all by himself, so he turned back and managed to track him down. He managed to get the pup to climb into his car, keeping him safe from road dangers. Luckily, the little dog had a tag – a blue one that read Mr. Snickers and had his address on the back. The address was to a home a couple of miles away.


The pup was surprisingly relaxed as Donovan delivered his pizza first, telling his customers: “I’m sorry your pizza is late; I just had to rescue this dog first.” Obviously, they found it very adorable. After that, Donovan went off his delivery route to send the pup to his home. He ran the risk of getting into trouble for this move, but he knew he wouldn’t get fired and he couldn’t leave Mr. Snickers on his own.


Once they arrived, the pup got excited at the familiar sights. But apparently, his family had moved away and the address on the tag hadn’t been updated yet. He probably wandered off, got lost, and tried to go back to his original home. Thankfully, the neighbors were more than happy to take in the pup temporarily until his family was able to come get him.


This act of kindness is really commendable, and it really helped out Mr. Snickers! Do like and share this thrilling tale!

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