Are You Planning To Exercise With Your Pup? Here Are Some Tips!

Are You Planning To Exercise With Your Pup? Here Are Some Tips!

If you make it a habit to exercise regularly, why not bring a pup along? And if you don’t, a fur ball companion is the perfect motivation to get active!

There are many sorts of exercise that a pup will happily join you for, and here and some ways to do them while staying safe.

First, it’s important to recognize your fur ball’s needs while you’re out and about. If your pup is short-nosed or snub-nosed, he isn’t best suited to exercise in the heat, because overdoing it can cause airway swelling from all the panting he’s doing and subsequently block his breathing. Take note if your pup starts to breathe noisily while exercising. In addition, a pup with a thick coat may find hot weather to be uncomfortable and it can even be dangerous for them. You can clip the underside of their coat to help with that.

Let’s move on! What sorts of exercise can pups do? The first would be walking, running, and hiking – but if your pup tends to tug a leash, this can be tricky. You can use a lead designed to fit around your waist to give you more control and freedom, or if your pup really likes to pull, use a Halti; it fits around a fur ball’s head and really improves control.

How about swimming? Just avoid areas with dangerous currents, steep embankments that make it difficult to climb out of the water, or too much underwater branches that a collar can snag on. Fur balls who aren’t excellent swimmers can make use of a life jacket – it’ll also help if your pup wants to join you boating, surfing, or doing other water sports! Don’t forget to bring a water bowl or bottle so your pup doesn’t decide to drink salty or dirty water.

There are also dedicated pup sports that you can do your with your fur ball, like Agility and Flyball. There’s also Dock Diving (where a pup jumps to grab a Frisbee then dives into water), Nosework (where fur balls challenge their sniffing senses), and Earthdog (where pups run around through tunnels and trenches). Do some research and find out what sport would best fit your pup!

There you have it – you’re good to go! Before you run off, here are some extra safety tips. Don’t let your pup’s paws get too hot; if the ground is hot to your touch, it might burn your fur ball’s paw pads. Booties can counter that trouble well! And do remember to make sure your pup is up to date on flea and tick treatment. Now, go have some fun, and like and share while you’re at it!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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