Planning To Take A Vacation With Your Fur Ball? You NEED To Read This!

Planning To Take A Vacation With Your Fur Ball? You NEED To Read This!

Vacations are awesome, but they’d be even better if you took your pup along! Here are some great vacation spots to bring your fur balls to.

If you’re up for a beach getaway, you can head straight to Carmel, California. The gorgeous beach in the area has no leash law, allowing pup to roman free through waves and rocks. After a fun sandy romp, you can take your fur balls on a drive down the picturesque Seventeen Mile Drive.

You can also head to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, an extremely pup-friendly holiday spot. Pups are allowed to roam off leash on the beach during the early mornings and evenings, and there’s even a drinking fountain for pups at the North-End Dog Park!

Myrtle Beach also houses Barc Parc, where there’s a lake specially made for pups, with big fur balls and small fur balls having their own play areas. Meanwhile, in Seattle, fur balls can go on a fast-paced tubing adventure with Let’s Go Tubing on the Wenatchee River!

What if you’re up for some hiking action? Branson, Missouri is the way to go! There are miles of trails where pups can go off leash in Table Rock State Park, and they can have a picture takes Wild West style at Busters Old Time Photos.

There’s also Gatlinburg in Tennessee, where you can bring your pup up the Smoky Mountains and hike back down together. Maybe you’d like a bit of both mountain trails and beach? Head over to New York’s Lake Placid, one of the most fur ball-friendly places in the US!

There’s a pup beach in Mirror Lake, which also has a three-mile hiking trail surrounding it. There are plenty of pup-friendly vacation spots just waiting to be visited. Where do you want to travel to? Give this a like and share so other mommies and daddies can find fur ball holiday spots too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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