Poor Dog Is Deeply Offended When Statue Refuses To Play Fetch!

Oh, how our four-legged friends just love their toys! They love chewing rubbery goods and playing with all types of bouncy balls. One absolute favorite during playtime for a doggy has to be playing fetch!

The unknown of where the ball might land in combination with the thrill of the chase, has these merry mutts running in circles and returning the ball to us eagerly. Yet, what happens when our canine companions do not yet what they want. The story of cheeky little Cornbread tells all! Mommy taught little Cornbread the art of playing fetch.

She used to patiently show him how to retrieve the ball and place it back into her hand before he could get it again. Once Cornbread got the hang of the game, he was addicted. Now “fetch” is Cornbread’s favorite playtime activity come rain or shine. One day, Gill was invited to a friend’s cookout. She brought Cornbread along, and he was thrilled to see the number of people that were there to play!

No sprinkler or toy could distract this playful pooch, he was only focused on taking the ball to different people and have them throw it for him. Eventually, people were eating and tired of playing fetch. Cornbread then trotted off and placed his tennis ball into the palm of a, uhm, stone-cold grey Statue of David. Getting no response, he tried his usual tricks to gain the statue’s attention. He dropped the ball on David’s feet, legs, and hands, but still no response.

Gill spotted him sad and disappointed, and she could not help but play with him again. Within seconds, Cornbread was perky as ever and gave everybody a good laugh that day!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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