Poor Pup Who Suffered Cruel Abuse Gets To Walk Again With Pride And Happiness

Poor Pup Who Suffered Cruel Abuse Gets To Walk Again With Pride And Happiness

We hear of many cruel acts in the world – and one that shocked and horrified countless people across the globe is the case of Da Hei the Siberian Husky. The seven-year-old pup’s paws had been torn totally off of his body. No one knows why, when, or how – but Da Hei suffered tremendously for it.

Da Hei was dropped off and left at a Dalian, China clinic belonging to Dr. Liu. The moment Dr. Liu saw him, he knew he didn’t have time to question the evil in the world – only to do everything he could to help. He quickly began to cut off the skin, sawing through bone beginning to rot, and doing everything possible to make him survive.

Thankfully, Da Hei pulled through and revealed a curious, kind personality. Covered in thick fur, colored black and white, this 7-year-old pup looked and behaved just like any other dog – just without his feet. Dr. Liu decided to help Da Hei become whole in body again, so, while helping to nurse him to recovery, he reached out to a Beijing prosthetics company.

The company in question had only made prosthetics for people, so they had their work cut out for them. It took them eight long, tough months, but they finally were able to make four prosthetic legs that would function well for Da Hei!

But this brought on a whole new challenge for the pup – learning to walk. The pup now stumbles along, hopping in a lop-sided and awkward manner – but he’s also adorable, strong, and trying his very best! He’s truly thrilled to be able to walk around again.

Plus, Dr. Liu loved the pup so much that he decided to adopt him. Da Hei’s life is looking up!

Images & Feature Image Source: CCTV English

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